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Sparkly Shiny Holiday SALE!!! :)

Greetings of the Season to you! Thank you for being part of Team Moonbeam! As you shop for holiday gifts, please consider visiting my Etsy shops to support my small business and give a unique gift to a loved one! When you spend $29.95 at my jewelry shop you will receive 15% off your order! Woot woot!

I love to create unique, one of a kind jewelry items. A few of my pieces can be replicated, but most of them are unique....when they are gone, they are gone!! In addition to my metaphysical jewelry, you can get your own copy of my self published Moonbeam Magick oracle deck. I sign each copy and write a blessing inside before I mail it. Each package is filled with LOVE. This is a direct link to Moonbeam Magick:

This sale ends on December 29, 2022. Enjoy your holidays!

Be well.

Sapphire Moonbeam


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