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What is energy art?

If you have followed me on my Sapphire's Moonbeams page, you have likely seen me refer to my art as energy paintings. You may wonder why I call it energy art. I will do my best to explain.

Everything is energy. Everything has it's own vibrational frequency. Some people are more receptive to energy than others. Energy is connected to intuition. I have become more intuitive over time. I have learned to trust my gift.

When I paint, I immerse myself in the process. I play music that I love and often listen to the same song repeatedly as I brush the paint onto the canvas. The energy of the music influences the painting. My mood can also affect the painting. Overall, I do my best to go with the flow of artistic creation and try not to get attached to how I think the painting should look.

One of my first energy paintings is called "Reflections of My Spirit". I named the painting before I began. I painted the abstract strokes horizontally (see the first image below). I had the painting in my house for 2 years before I realized there was more to it than I had been able to see. I was showing the painting to Steve and I looked at it from a different angle. When I turned the painting vertically Steve and I gasped aloud because we could see a spirit animal in the painting.

I have shown this art to customers at my booth. I ask them to tell me what they see. Some people see a fox, a wolf, a horse, a dolphin, a bird, starfish and more. I saw the fox first. The eye is light pink. Above the eye you can see two ears. Below the eye is the chin and flowing hair/fur. I was so amazed to see the image that I had painted without realizing it! This is the best example I can show you to explain my energy art. I have a few other paintings that have hidden faces in them, but not all of them. This painting is a confirmation of the magick I am creating when I paint.

To see more of my energy art, visit If you see a face or image, let me know. You might see something I haven't noticed yet!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Bright Blessings to you!

Sapphire Moonbeam

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