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What is an oracle deck?

Have you heard of oracle card decks? Do you know what they are? I can tell you because I have been working on 46 paintings and card descriptions for an oracle deck for the last 5 years!

Oracle decks are a set of cards (and a book with descriptions of the cards) that help you receive messages from your spirit guides and the divine. Oracle cards contain loving, supportive and inspiring messages to guide you on your life journey. It has been such a joy for me to create these cards with messages that help keep love, hope, faith and dreams alive, just like I have done on my Sapphire's Moonbeams Facebook page.

After trying to figure out how to get my oracle card deck published, I realized that I can do it myself. I got this! I am still working on the last few paintings and details on the deck. After that is all sorted out, I will make contact with the printer and I will be launching a crowd funding campaign with pre-orders and donations towards my dream with various incentives.

This has been my dream for a long time. I am SO excited about it! I will be posting blog updates about my progress. Watch this space!

*Photography of Sapphire Moonbeam by Jason Williams*

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