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Moonbeam Magick!

My Moonbeam Magick Oracle Card Deck was published earlier this year. It's a dream come true! If you haven't seen the rainbow inspired images that I painted for the 46 cards in my Moonbeam Magick Oracle card deck, I am attaching some of them for you here. Not only did I paint the 46 cards, I also wrote a guidebook with loving and empowering card descriptions.

Over the weekend I sold my oracle deck at a local metaphysical fair. I was able to see first hand how the words I wrote from my heart touched the hearts of others. It was so magical! There were smiles and some tears, but everyone loved my deck!

If you want to order a Moonbeam Magick Oracle Card Deck, please visit My deck will give you spiritual guidance, love, support and help you discover the magick in every day!

Sapphire Moonbeam

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