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Visons, Dreams & Art

I began painting in 2011. It was the same year I changed my legal name to Sapphire Moonbeam. I quickly realized that I was having visions and dreams of objects and designs that I was supposed to paint. The art I created for my Moonbeam Magick Oracle card deck is something I was destined to share with the world. 

I receive flashes of painting images in my mind's eye and I make notes so I can expand on the idea the next time I am able to paint. When I start painting I go into a meditative state. Listening to music helps me get into this state of lucid creation. Different types of music influence my paint strokes differently as well.  

In 2012 I painted a large rainbow inspired oil painting called "Moonbeams". It has a rainbow gradient surrounding a crescent moon in the waxing position. Looking back, I now believe this painting, my most popular image to date, was a portal that opened up magick and possibilities for me and my art. The "Moonbeams" rainbow painting is the image I used for the back of every card in my Moonbeam Magick Oracle card deck.

Vincent Van Gogh said, ""I dream of painting and then I paint my dream." I also have dreams about art that I need to create. I keep a dream journal so I can remember these subconscious divine messages. When I sit down to paint, the image from the vision or dream turns out to be a rough draft of an art concept. As I create the art, I channel energy and it translates through the brush strokes and onto the canvas. Sometimes when I am done with a new painting, I am even surprised at what I created! 

If you haven't seen my self published Moonbeam Magick Oracle card deck yet, I invite you to check it out at my Etsy shop or visit

Bright Blessings! 

Sapphire Moonbeam 

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