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What do the cards have in store for you?

I have started doing card readings on my YouTube channel. If you want to get some insight about your future, visit my channel here:

If you subscribe to my channel you will be notified when a new oracle reading is available! I am doing general readings on the collective energies. Since the readings are for a wide audience, not all of the details will specifically apply to you. However, if you feel called to watch one of my videos, I believe there will be meaningful messages there for you. If you are interested in a private reading, please send me a message.

I am a rainbow energy artist and crystal metaphysical jewelry maker, but I am also an intuitive. I really love oracle cards! If you didn't already know, I created the Moonbeam Magick oracle card deck and I had it self published. It has 46 cards with images that I painted by hand and a guidebook with loving, positive, empowering messages and affirmations.

To find out more about my Moonbeam Magick oracle card deck, visit

Sending good vibes, love and luck your way!

Sapphire Moonbeam

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