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A time to DREAM and SALES!!!

Hello and Happy February to you! This is a pivotal time of the year...we are at the halfway point between winter and spring. It's a beautiful time of reflection and introspection. This is the perfect time to DREAM and plant the seeds of what you hope to manifest in the coming months!

If you want to connect more with the energy of the earth, check out the stone and crystal jewelry I handcrafted at my Etsy shop!

Details: Now until February 20th, when you buy two items you will receive 30 percent off your order! Don't wait too long....many of the items I have listed are one of a kind pieces.

You can brighten up your living space, visit my art shop! My rainbow inspired energy art will revitalize any indoor space and all items are 10 percent off until February 20th!

When you buy items from my shops, you are supporting a self-taught artist. I live in Kansas City, Missouri and I have been painting since 2011 and making jewelry since 2012. Once my items find happy homes I will be inspired to make even more unique creations. So, thank you in advance for your love and support!

May your day be magical....and may that energy follow you the rest of the year!

Bright Blessings and be well!

Sapphire Moonbeam

***All sales end on February 20th and are only open to customers in the United States.


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