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A new exciting!

I am thrilled to be starting a blog! Blogging will give me an opportunity to explain what I am up to in more detail. There are so many good things coming....I cannot wait to tell you more!

First, a little bit about me, for those of you that don't already know. My legal name is Sapphire Moonbeam. I changed it in the court 5 years ago and it makes me happy every day!

I am a self taught artist. I saw an energy painter at an event in 2010. I bought a canvas and some oil paints in 2011 and started my artistic journey. Art has become my passion! I started making metaphysical stone and crystal jewelry in 2012. The Fairies help me create. They are always around me and help add a bit more magick to everything that I do.

I have a large following on social media and I am SO happy about it! My biggest audience is my Sapphire's Moonbeams page on FB. I also have a following on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. At this point in time, I have 185,000 people following me for daily good vibes.

If you are reading this, I hope you will consider subscribing to my blog. I will have updates about future shows where I will sell my artsy stuff and new projects I am working on. I like to keep it interesting and whimsical. You just never know what I may blog about. *wink*

Oh! Before I go, the image below is me peeking around a tree alongside my energy painting called "Intuition". Stay tuned to hear more about this magickal image and the big plans I have for it. Don't you just love surprises?!

Have a wonderful day!

Sapphire Moonbeam

Photography by Jason Williams

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